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Ear piercing

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Ear piercing Caflon is a British based company and ensures high quality equipment with Swiss designed machines. We use silver and 24ct gold plated studs that are hypo-allergenic meaning they do not cause allergies or irritations. The lobe is the soft area of the ear and consists of skin covering connective fatty tissue. It is this area of the ear that we pierce. Contra-indications: Circulation disorders High/low blood pressure History of thrombosis/ embolism Epilepsy Pregnancy Diabetes Dysfunctions of the nervous system Hepatitis Skin disorders Scar tissue or keloids (hard scar tissue under the skin possibly caused from a previous piercing) Warts or moles (in area being pierced) Aftercare Wash hands thoroughly before touching studs or you ear Cleanse the front and back of the studs twice a day with CAflon Natural Solution without removing the studs and ensure to keep them dry. Then rotate two to three times a day to avoid hair becoming stuck around the studs. Keep hairspray, soap and shampoo away from the ears Leave studs in the ears in the ears for 6 weeks continuously. After this time they can be removed and stainless steel or other hypo-allergenic studs should be worn
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